Kingdom Builders Real Estate and Lending Network is an organization
dedicated to saving the lives of innocent young children in third-world
countries. Kingdom Builders is a fundraising entity using the resources of
the mortgage and real estate industry to raise funds to fight the war on
child oppression, more specifically, the sex-slave trade.

We have aligned with Breaking Chains ministry (
to help facilitate the rescue operations and the building of recovery homes
for these young girls. Through our network, we are raising money for this
by taking the proceeds from mortgage transactions and giving it to 
Breaking Chains to help them in the rescue process. Not only are we raising
money for this issue, but also for public awareness for what is going on in
the world. Many people do not seem to know about this problem.

We want you to partner with us. We have developed a network of
concerned and compassionate mortgage brokers who have agreed to
sacrifice their commissions to give to this worthy cause. We are asking
that you refer clients our way for their lending purposes, and by doing so
you will be able to contribute to saving lives.

You have the power to save lives through your real estate
This gives you an amazing opportunity to raise
money for this cause without actually having to dig into your own
pocket. We've set it up so that 20% of the proceeds from the fees of
the mortgage transaction will go to Breaking Chains.

We understand how important your clients are to you, and know the value
of a good mortgage broker. The mortgage brokers in our network are
among the best in the business and know how to get the job done, even
in the most difficult of circumstances. Plus, they will work harder to get
the job done because they are motivated by compassion not commission.

We also understand that you probably already have good working
relationships with your lenders, and perhaps even an in-house lender.
Because of this, we are asking you for a pledge commitment of at least
one referral per year. We would love to receive all of your referral business,
however we truly understand the importance of your existing relationships.

Grow Your Business

There is an additional incentive for you to refer clients our way as well. It
gives you a cross-marketing publicity tool by telling your clients that you
are in support of this ministry. It shows them that you care about the
suffering in the world, and also gives them the satisfaction of knowing that
by doing business with you that they are able to contribute as well.

We've been blessed with so much in this life.  It seems like so little to
ask, just one referral per year that can make such a great impact on a young
child's life. The stakes are high, young girls are being raped and tortured every
day, and we need to act now.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us anytime. We
appreciate your support and look forward to a working relationship with
you. Thank you so much for your compassion!

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