How We Got Started


All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to do nothing.”

-Edmond Burke


When we find out that injustice is taking place we cannot stand back and do nothing.”

- Mother Theresa



The Kingdom Builders Real Estate and Lending Network was born out of a vision from two real estate professionals who wanted to use this industry to do something good for the world. 


After learning about the atrocities going on in the world with these children, it was put on the hearts of the founders to take action and do something about it.



How we got started


Matt and Gunnar met serving the homeless in downtown San Diego.  After serving and working together, they both realized that they had similar passions to use their backgrounds in real estate to do something for a greater cause. 


Both agree that the problem with the sex-slave trade and human trafficking is one of the greatest crimes against humanity happening today.  They wanted to come up with a way that would help create awareness to the severity of this problem while raising money to rescue lives of innocent children.


They also wanted to create a way for people to get involved where they could make a difference and an impact to the situation by simply doing something that they already needed to do - complete a real estate transaction.  Many times people become aware of the problem but feel paralyzed to be able to make a difference.


The Kingdom Builders Real Estate and Lending Network was born to solve this problem and give people an opportunity to fight against this outrageous evil.  It is set up so that each real estate transaction through this network will help fund the rescue of a child’s life.



Meet Matt Sauer


Matt Sauer is currently a mortgage broker who has been working in the real estate industry for the last seven years. 


He graduated with a bachelor degree in Business Management in 2000 from the State University of New York at Geneseo.  Upon graduation, he felt upon his heart that he was to move to the West Coast which brought him to San Diego, CA.  He began his real estate career with Washington Mutual Bank.  After two years he went on to work and eventually manage for Courtesy Mortgage Company.  With plans of starting his own company, he left for the opportunity to work under a mortgage broker.  After one year, he started his own company that he now owns and operates, Different Mortgage.


Two years after moving to San Diego, God grabbed Matt’s heart and has given him a desire to make an impact with his life.  He has a heart for God and is actively involved with his local church, recently graduating from the Horizon School of Evangelism in the spring of 2007. 


Matt’s interest in helping the children has taken off from the knowledge he has gained of their situation.  Hearing the statistics and atrocities of what was going on in the world through his friendship with Gunnar was further impacted by a trip he took to Tijuana, Mexico.  He went to participate for a day in the building of an orphanage where he met someone who had first hand accounts of the rescues and atrocities that exist.  It was the gaining of this knowledge and knowing God’s heart for these children that told him he could not sit back, forget what he knew, and do nothing.

Educational Background:

Undergraduate degree in Business Management

     - State University of New York at Geneseo, 2000
Horizon School of Evangelism, 2007
Department of Real Estate
     - Mortgage Broker, 2007
     - Realtor, 2005
Meet Gunnar de Paul

Gunnar currently works with the homeless as the executive director of the Presbyterian Urban Ministries.  However, he began his career in real estate in the year 2000 while working on a master of real estate and construction management at the University of Denver in Colorado.


Throughout his career in real estate he was bothered by some of the unethical practices going on, which eventually drove him away from it.  Yet, he also knew that there was a lot of money being made in the industry and always felt that there should be a way to take some of that money and use it for good.


His background in adminstration, business and ministry has brought him back into the real estate sector to help start this socially minded venture philanthropy.


Gunnar has a natural-born servant's heart along with a passion for business and entrepreneurship.  He always wanted to use his skills that he learned while working in the world to help do God's work.


He uncovered his passion for these young children through Gary Haugen's ministry The International Justice Mission.  God then put it on his heart to take action and do something on behalf of the innocent children of the world.  Wanting to use his background in real estate and passion for service, the Kingdom Builders network was born.


Gunnar feels that it is one of his God-given callings to fight against the injustices of the world and to fight on behalf of the oppressed, especially for the afflicted children of the world.


Educational Background:

Undergraduate degree in Economics

     - University of Minnesota, 1994

Master of Real Estate and Construction Management

     - University of Denver, 2002

Master of Biblical Studies

     - Southern California Seminary, 2007


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