Welcome to the Kingdom Builders real estate and lending network, a network dedicated to raising funds for the rescue and recovery of young innocent children being held in bondage in the vicious crime against humanity - the sex-slave trade.
The Mission
To use the real estate and lending profession to raise funding for the rescue and recovery operations of innocent young children in third- world countries who are victims of tyranny, oppression, torture and bondage.
The Cause 
There are tens of millions of suffering children
throughout the world today. We feel that the
vilest of all the abuses is that of the sex-slave
trade. Every day, young girls are being raped
and sexually exploited for the purpose of
financial gain by evil oppressors.
I would not wish that life on an enemy. It was pure hell. It would be better to hang yourself and die.
--Sita, sold at age 15
20% of the revenue from all real estate
transactions will go toward the rescue of children.
Call 1-800-352-8048

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